Cosmetology School Life: Fresh Out


Cosmetology School — sounds glamourous doesn’t it?

Prepare to get down and dirty with the start of cosmetology school– from the gels to the dyes to the dirty floors, you’ll find yourself needing a change of uniform quite often.

What do you do at cosmetology school? “You’re so lucky. You get to go to school to brush hair.” I’ve heard this statement plenty of times from anyone you could imagine– even ones who had no clue what the word cosmetology meant.

For anyone prepping themselves for the class that enables them to become licensed to cut and color hair — and then some upon passing a test.

It’s not as easy as it seems. There’s more to “hair school” than most people think.

I’m 2 years fresh out of beauty school– and I know a few ins and outs myself.

Want to stick around to learn more? Maybe you’re thinking about going to beauty school or maybe you’re already enrolled and looking for some fresh guidance!

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