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Top 3 things to do Before Your Hands on Cosmetology State Test

Top 3 things to do Before Your Hands on Cosmetology State Test

It is spring time, but for those of you currently in cosmetology or beauty school, ‘‘tis the season for state testing! This is the single thing you have been preparing for for almost two years now and you can hardy get your nerves under control. This is your future and it all comes down to one state test.

Relax! From personal experience, I can tell you that it’s not as terrible and nerve wracking as it seems. Walk in there like you own it, know your stuff, and you got it.

But here are the top 3 things I did to get ready for the big state test.

1. Uniform Check! – One of the things that might be completely last on your mind is your cosmetology school uniform. Most likely, it has been trashed through color courses, color gels, and maybe even a few holes from your shears. The examiner will score you on your appearance as well as your knowledge and performance! My advice is to purchase a whole new set of scrubs that show how brand spanking new they are. My teacher recommended we buy 2 sets of scrubs for the class and save one for testing day. That way, you’re 100% presentable and eye catching. Extra tip 1: one tiny little detail that the examiner looks for, is the back of your pants touching the floor! ( cuff up your scrub pants so they do not touch the floor) the examiner will take a full circle around the table before you start to check this! 

2. Double check your kit! – Even if you think you have EVERYTHING you could possibly need for this test, check again. If the sheet says you need 10 bobby pins, pack 20. If your sheet says you need 5 combs, pack 10. Always expect for the worst scenario when it comes to your kit. If you get there and your entire tub of gel spilled out, good thing you packed another! Put the items for each section of the test in labeled gallon freezer bags so you have quick and easy access to your items. Your examiner will look for organization. You always want to be 100% prepared with everything you’ll need for the test. Even when you think you have everything, check again. Make a check list and check each item off as you put it in it’s marked bag to ensure you have everything. Don’t wait until last minute! You want to allow ample time to prepare for this test. Extra tip 2- If you bring extra of ANYTHING be it clips and combs. While you’re working so fast— or working with slippery hair gel in the replacement of color, you’ll want extra combs and clips. If you drop one on the floor, DO NOT PICK IT UP. Examiners will look for this. Simply kick it to the side and grab a fresh one. Hence why I emphasized to bring extra of these items. Once a comb or clip hits the floor, it’s considered contamined and cannot be used on a client. 

3. Practice as much as you can- This might seem like common sense, but I mean it. Drill the state board set and other techniques in the fashion of the actual test OVER AND OVER AGAIN until you know the whole test by memory. You’ll perform better and even smoother by knowing what’s coming next. It becomes second nature at that point. My class repeatedly did the whole state board test every day for 2 months and everyone passed. You might get tired of it, even sick of it, but it’s worth it!


Want more advice on cosmetology school? Leave a comment about a topic you’d like me to cover!


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