Makeup Hacks

What no one tells you about going blonde

You’ve had black at home color built up on your hair for the past 10 years and decide its time for a change. Where does your mind go? Immediately blonde.

The process isn’t exactly easy. Prepare to be lighter brown, orange, then some sort of gold and then maybe some color remotely close to what you wanted.

It won’t happen over night! It’ll take time, money, and patience!

Lets start with a basic overview of how all this color theory and science works! Everyone has an underlying pigment. When it comes to bleach— or going lighter, that pigment will come through as other color molecules get removed.  This is why you might hear your hairstylist say “you pulled red.” The underlying pigment was red/orange. Don’t freak out though, as these colors can be fixed with a toner!

In order for toners to lighten to their correct shade, the hair needs to be lifted to the correct level. There are 10 levels! One being the darkest black and ten being the lightest possible blonde.

Going blonde will take a few sessions and by that I mean— it could take as many sessions as your hair requires AND the allotted time in between sessions to recover from any damage!

Take it easy on your hair dresser! She/he colors hair— she/he’s  not a magician!

Overall— you’ll have to be a few colors you most certainly  won’t like. This is just a step in the long journey of going blonde!

Make the commitment— it takes time and money. A balayge — or free hand highlight could cost upwards of 250$ or more!  Be prepared to spend money.

In all, taking any dark color go blonde will take 3 key ingredients.

  1. time
  2. money
  3. patience

Disclaimer: I am a professional cosmetologist. I do not recommend doing hair color at home. Please see a professional!

Want more advice on going blonde? Leave a comment for any unanswered questions!




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