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Top 5 Things That Might Make You Change Your Mind About Getting Eyelash Extensions

Top 5 Things That Might Make You Change Your Mind About Getting Eyelash Extensions

by Kimberly Kane

I get it, we all want beautiful luscious lashes all the time with little to no effort! I’ve had eyelash extensions for almost a year now, done professionally and done myself. Learning the ins and outs– or the do’s and don’ts of eyelash extensions, it’s changed my opinion on them COMPLETELY. Thinking about getting eyelash extensions done? Here are the top five things that might affect your decision!

  1. It’s a never ending cycle! – Of course, you can stop getting them done at any time, but the difference after you take them off is almost unreal! You can go from having a full set of eyelashes to looking like you’re bald– or have little to no eyelash appearance. The change might be too traumatic for those who like to upkeep on their vanity. People will notice! Once you start, it’s hard to stop– because you will look different even though they were the same everyday eyelashes that you started with.
  2. The cost!- Professional eye lash extensions can cost anywhere from one hundred to five hundred dollars a set, depending on the fullness you desire. You need to factor in the cost of the products, the time it takes them to apply your individual lashes, and the tip, of course! The initial full set is the big cost up front. Once you pay that– you’re not done. Fills must be done every TWO WEEKS in order to only pay the touch up fee and NOT the full set price. Most salons are very specific on their time frame when it comes to doing fills– and note each fill will cost between fifty and one hundred- fifty dollars EVERY TWO WEEKS. So beware! False eyelash extensions are an expensive habit.
  3. Your face washing routine will change!- If the eyelash extensions get caught on anything, they will most likely come off. Paying upwards of one hundred dollars and having them fall out because of your simple mistakes will leave you angry and most importantly out of money. When it comes to washing your face, it becomes more difficult meaning you’ll have to navigate around your eyes. You can no longer scrub your face with a cloth or easily wash off those face masks– being careful to avoid the eye area, you might want to use small cotton pads with soap to clean your face. In the shower, you must also avoid excess water build up on your eyelashes– as this can cause them to become heavy and droop, separate or even fall out all together.
  4. Beware makeup wearers!- If you have a habit of wearing a full face of makeup every single day, eyelash extensions might not be your best option. When it comes to removing makeup, you need to super gentle in order to avoid pulling on your eyelashes– especially when removing eyeliner or eyeshadow. Not being able to take off all the makeup around you eyes while your cleaning to avoid your eyelashes could leave behind bacteria or buildup that could stay on or in you false eyelashes! This can become a hazard, leading to common eye problems like pink eye!
  5. Last but not least, sleeping! – Yes, something as easy as sleeping could become a totally new ball game. If you sleep on your stomach, you run the risk of crushing or breaking off your eyelashes on your pillow. Waking up after sleeping on your stomach to look in the mirror and see all of your kinked eyelashes is not a pretty sight and unfortunately without going to pay for a premature fill, there’s virtually no way to get them fixed without spending money! Also, other than your sleeping positions, heavy blankets could get caught on your eyelashes and pull! You could wake up to a messy set of eyelashes in the morning.

Alongside the dont’s, there are definitely some do’s. When it comes down to it, you’ll need time, money, and patience to figure out the best way to learn how to wear eyelash extensions! Now that we’ve covered the hard to hear truth about such a luxury expense, hopefully you can decide if this service is right for you!

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